Treating Autism

Professional diagnosis and personally tailored therapy are the key to promoting and advancing infants and children with autism. The Autism Treatment and Research Center – Association for Children at Risk is the leading organization in Israel dedicated to caring for children with autism from infancy up to the age of 18, as well as supporting their families.

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In everything we do, we strive to create, develop, and innovate for the children and their families; to connect between family, community, and social circles, and between the children and their surroundings. Your contribution will aid us in helping children with autism.


Looking to give a gift that gives right back? You can purchase here a variety of holiday products, decorated cards, gift bags, and more. All proceeds will go directly to treating children with autism.

Learn with Us

The Association operates a comprehensive network of seminars, conferences and training sessions in various learning forms, encourages and promotes in depth study of professional teams in the field of treating autism within the Association and beyond, all with the purpose of sharing and spreading knowledge in this field with the final goal to increase the number of skilled therapists in the community.

Learning, Training and Research

Courses and Training Sessions

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Tel: 03-5730130
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To contact professional management team:
Ms. Nili Cohen Aaronson
Ms. Sagit Hoshmand: 054-6969005
Ms. Yael Leviel (parents’ inquiries): 03-7339324